Boost Mobile’s Ultimate Plus Plan: K Health Included for $7.99/Month

If you’re looking for a great cell phone plan that includes K health care, look no further than Boost Mobile’s Ultimate Plus Plan! For just $7.99 per month, you can add K Health to your plan and have 24/7 access to life doctors on your cell phone. This is a great value and a wonderful way to stay healthy and connected!

What is K Health?

K Health is a telemedicine and wellness company that offers a suite of mobile health services, including 24/7 access to doctors by phone or video, prescription refills, wellness coaching, chronic disease management, and more. K Health is the first and only national virtual care provider with over 2,000 licensed physicians.

Why do you need K Health on your phone?

1. K Health is an important part of our lives

2. K Health provides 24/7 access to life doctors 

3. K Health can be added to Boost Mobile’s Ultimate Plus Plan for $7.99 per month 

4. K Health includes unlimited consultations with a doctor whenever you need it, and the ability to talk through video chat or text message at any time day or night

5. K Health gives you peace of mind knowing that there are always medical professionals available in case anything happens while you’re on the go

6. K Health has been trusted by over 2 million people worldwide because they have a proven track record of providing excellent service and helping their customers live healthier happier lives!

The Boost Mobile Ultimate Plus Plan offers K Health for $7.99/month and 24/7 access to life doctors on your cell phone. 

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