Boost Mobile by X-treme Wireless

Boost Mobile makes it easy for their customers to block calls. Follow these simple steps to manually add a number to the block list on your Boost Mobile phone. The first thing you want to do is click on the Manage icon in your Boost Mobile phone app and select Block. Next, select the + button on the bottom right-hand corner and enter the 10-digit phone number into the search box. Once the number is entered, select Search to add that number to your block list.

What is one thing that most Americans want but don’t have? A cheap phone plan. Families all over the U.S watch their costs, budget and haggle to make the most of their paychecks, but often times are over paying when it comes to their cell phone provider. You’re either over paying and under receiving, or paying for perks that you just don’t need. Here are a few tips for finding the cheapest cell phone plan for you and your family