Apple Watch Ultra: The most exciting apple watch in years!

The most thrilling Watch in a very long time is the Apple Watch Ultra. In addition to being the largest in the lineup, it also features the greatest battery life of any Apple Watch. It also features a tough new design, a super-bright screen, and a massive display.

With features like a dual-frequency GPS and an Action button to start activities right away, the $799 (£849, AU$1,299) Apple Watch Ultra is obviously designed with athletes and adventurers in mind. But fundamentally, it continues to perform all of the functions an Apple Watch should.

For the first time ever, LTE connection comes standard on an Apple Watch. Because it has a cellular option, it stands out from many other sports and fitness watches that don’t. There is only one 49mm case size available for the Ultra, which may be too large for certain people to wear comfortably.

Furthermore, the Ultra is $400 more expensive than the 41mm GPS Apple Watch Series 8, which may make you question whether it is truly worth that much more. If you want a more durable watch with greater water resistance and a battery life that is at least twice as long as other Apple Watch models, even if you don’t consider yourself an explorer, there may be enough here to justify the price.’

I believe the Ultra is a better overall value given that you get more hardware features like the Action button (which I’ve grown to love), an emergency alarm, and additional microphones to improve call quality, considering the $749 45mm Apple Watch Series 8 in stainless steel costs almost as much.

Additionally, it is reasonably priced in comparison to comparable sports watches with OLED displays and similar titanium construction, including the $999 Garmin Epix 2. The battery life of the Apple Watch Ultra is shorter than that of the Epix 2, and it lacks a significant number of navigational features. However, it is simpler to use, has cellular connectivity, and seamlessly integrates with the iPhone. It also contains cardiac features like an electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) app.

If you’re someone who wants a true hybrid smartwatch and sports watch, the Ultra is the one to beat.

Apple Watch Ultra design is big and bold

In every way, the Ultra is an upgraded Apple Watch. All the well-known components are present, but they’re bigger and bolder than in earlier models. Both the side button and the digital crown have housings that protrude from the case, making them simpler to use with sweaty, dusty, or glove-covered fingers.

When I first took the Ultra out of the package, I worried that it might be too big and hefty for my wrist. Because it is made of titanium, though, it feels surprisingly light to wear. It can achieve a snug and cozy fit during the day even with the smallest watch strap that best fits my wrist size.

However, this is not a one-size-fits-all design. Smaller wrists will probably feel overwhelmed by the Apple Watch Ultra. Even though it would have reduced power life, It would have delighted to see a smaller case option. For instance, the Ultra isn’t the most pleasant watch to wear for sleep monitoring; at night, We can feel every edge of the watch.

Although the active area on the display itself is just slightly larger than the 45mm Series 8, the 49mm shell makes this the largest Apple Watch to date. You actually choose the Ultra over the Series 8 for the additional protection provided by the titanium casing’s higher edges rather than the larger screen.The screen also has flat edges, which some might prefer over the slightly curved screen on Apple’s other watches. 

With a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits, the Apple Watch Ultra is likewise two times as bright as the Series 8 and is simple to view outside. It has been tested on strenuous treks, a bike ride outside, and regular walks and runs. In all of these circumstances, it is readable, especially when merely looking down to see statistics on the always-on display.

Coming from a 41mm Apple Watch Series 7, everything is simpler to view, including notifications and workout statistics on the always-on display. Similar to the 45mm Series 8, the text size is changeable and can reach large, which is wonderful for readability. Even though it seems basic, We appreciate that the Ultra has space on its screen for up to six lines of workout statistics. It makes all the difference because we no longer have to scroll down to another page in order to view a specific metric.

Apple Watch Ultra’s Action button has plenty of uses

The bold orange Action button is clearly visible on the left of the Apple Watch Ultra. It features an indentation that allows you to feel it beneath your thumb and sits flush with the case. This is another new hardware feature on the Ultra, next to the bigger battery. Going back to an Apple Watch Series without one will be challenging.

From the Settings menu, you can tweak the button to do things like add a waypoint, start the stopwatch, open the flashlight app, or jump right into one of your routine workouts without waiting for the “3, 2, 1” countdown.

We used to configure an Apple Watch complication to open the workout app and then choose the type of workout using the touchscreen. The Action button on the Ultra makes this task simpler and significantly more adaptable because it changes depending on the context.

While running outside, you can designate a segment by pressing the Action button once more. By pinching the side button and the Action button together, you can easily halt an exercise. You don’t need to swipe to the right on the screen to stop and start your workout because the identical pinch gesture resumes it (although you still need to swipe to end a workout). If you’re taking part in a duathlon or triathlon, the button can also help you change from one leg of the race to another.

Wished that the watch’s other two buttons could be used for navigation and control (especially if you can’t use the touchscreen while wearing gloves), or for locking the screen when working out, like you can on some other sports watches. Like other Apple Watch models, the Ultra’s touchscreen can only be locked while you’re engaged in an aquatic activity like swimming or diving.

We would love to see if Apple include some of these customization options in other Apple Watch models so, for instance, you could switch out the side button’s multitasking functionality for an exercise launcher. Similar methods of button customization are available on other sports and outdoor watches, such as the hot keys on Garmin timepieces. However, Apple’s implementation is undoubtedly simpler to use, and we expect that future software upgrades will give even more customizing choices. Shortcuts can also be launched with the Action button.

Wayfinder is the new Apple Watch Ultra face

One unique watch face named Wayfinder is included with the Apple Watch Ultra. You can severely alter the appearance and feel of this face to fit whatever activity you want because it has room for up to eight complications. Additionally, you may examine elevation data and a compass that displays the north point when your wrist is rotated. Rotating the crown activates the night mode, which turns all the elements red. But only the Wayfinder watch face is compatible with it.

Even though you could conceivably customize Wayfinder to have one for hiking, one for diving, and one for regular use. Additionally, the Apple Watch Ultra supports all of your favorite watch faces from WatchOS 9, including Astronomy and Metropolitan.

Apple Watch Ultra is for marathons, hikes, dives and everyday workouts

Don’t be deceived by its adventurous positioning and rustic look. The Apple Watch Ultra is equally suited for a casual run as it is for an endurance competition. The Ultra includes the same features as any other Apple Watch running WatchOS 9, including the new SE and Series 8. 

  • A multisport mode to automatically switch between different workout types
  • Running metrics like ground contact time, power and vertical oscillation
  • Heart-rate zones
  • Enhanced custom workouts

The Apple Watch Ultra can autodetect activities including walking, jogging, and cycling in addition to tracking the same workout kinds as any other WatchOS 9 device. Automatic track identification will also be available for the Ultra later this year. To receive more precise pace and distance readings when you’re jogging on a 400-meter track, the watch allows you to select the lane you’re in. 

The Apple Watch Ultra is made for adventurers and endurance athletes, though, and this cannot be denied. The Ultra’s WR100 designation designates that it is waterproof up to 100 meters (328 feet) and up to 40 meters for diving. The new Depth app, which is only available on the Ultra, may be opened manually or automatically when the watch is dipped up to 3 feet (1 meter) underwater. A depth gauge, water temperature sensor, and time spent submerged are all displayed by the app. Additionally, a brand-new Oceanic Plus software makes the watch into a standalone dive computer. That app won’t be released until later in the fall and is not now available. With the Apple Watch Ultra, we intend to do more focused dive and underwater testing.

When compared to a chest strap, the Apple Watch Ultra’s heart-rate sensor accuracy is good for cardio-based workouts performed outside of water. The way it fits on your wrist and how you move your arms can affect the results. However, the Ultra is one of the closest and most precise smartwatches we’ve ever used for heart-rate tracking during a 3-hour outdoor riding workout. It was virtually an exact match for the strap. If heart rate accuracy during workouts is your top goal, you do not necessarily need to pay more for the Ultra since it shares the same sensor as the Apple Watch Series 8.

The Peloton Bike and other fitness accessories can be paired with the Ultra just like other Apple Watches. There are no native heart-rate broadcasting capabilities, therefore using a device like a cycle computer to see your heart rate is not possible. Additionally, there is no way to combine the watch with bike pedal power meters, but there are third-party solutions. Though it would be wonderful to see Apple take into account broader compatibility to interact with other approved workout equipment given the price of the Ultra. The GymKit devices like treadmills and ellipticals that the Ultra does sync with are often exclusively intended for indoor use.

Backtrack and mapping options on the Apple Watch Ultra

In WatchOS 9, the Apple Watch Ultra gets a new compass app that is identical to the one on other Apple Watches starting with the Series 6 model. When you turn the digital crown, it displays three separate views: an orienteering view where you can see any waypoints you’ve added; a hybrid screen with an analog and digital compass; and a technical screen with coordinates and elevation. Backtrack, which use GPS to assist you in retracing your steps and finding your starting place, is also displayed on this screen. 

For example: To get back to my car after my hike when I was off the grid, I loved using it and found it simple to follow the route displayed on the screen. But I wish you could do the same as the Track Back feature on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, where you could overlay that journey onto a map display in, say, Apple Maps.

Being able to download offline maps to the watch for when I’m away from cellular service or having topographic map options without downloading a third-party app is something else that lacks on the Ultra compared to other sports and outdoor watches.

Apple Watch Ultra’s dual-frequency GPS

L1 and L5 are the two GPS bands used by the Apple Watch Ultra. We’ve been utilizing the L1 band for years, but it has its drawbacks, particularly if there are towering structures or even trees nearby that could obstruct the signal. In the center of San Francisco, We put the Ultra to the test and compared it to a Series 7. While both watches rapidly acquired a GPS lock on their own, the Series 7 under-estimated my overall distance by roughly 100m at the end of my workout while the Ultra more correctly followed my course as we went underneath an overpass.

In comparison to other versions, the Apple Watch Ultra now makes it simpler to determine when you receive a GPS lock. When you begin an outdoor activity in the fitness app, an arrow icon shows in the upper left corner. The icon changes to blue when it receives a lock.

The Ultra now has a new emergency siren as well. On paper, 86 decibels doesn’t seem like a very loud volume. However, in actual use, it emits two unique sound patterns, including the common SOS signal, to aid in drawing attention. We had to test it out because Apple claims it can be heard up to 600 feet (182 meters) away.

On a route in the Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve in Northern California, we hiked out roughly that far from my hiking companion, and he could hear the siren loud and clear. By long-pressing the Action button, choosing Siren from the list of apps, or pushing and holding the side button, you can bring up the siren. From the emergency pane, where it is the first option, you can swipe across the screen to sound the alarm.

We particularly value the additional microphones on the Apple Watch Ultra, which, owing to improved algorithms, separate your voice and lessen wind noise. When we called a colleague on the watch in 18 mph winds, the person on the other end of the line commented on how little wind was present.

Apple Watch Ultra: Car-crash detection, ECG, temperature sensor

The remaining health aspects are identical to those in the Series 8. A blood oxygen sensor, sleep stage tracking, a new temperature sensor, fall detection, emergency SOS, international emergency calling, automobile collision detection, and an ECG are all features of the Apple Watch Ultra. The iPhone’s Health app needs five days to compute a baseline and show trends. However, if you’d like to see the raw data, we did locate the skin temperature readings under the watch’s health settings menu. (Generic Ambien: Compare Prices and Buy Online)

Regarding connecting all these various data points, the Apple Watch Ultra could undoubtedly go a step further. The watch can currently monitor your sleep, nightly skin temperature, heart rate variability, blood oxygen levels, and of course, your overall levels of activity, including metrics like VO2 Max. We wish the Ultra could measure recovery parameters more, just like some other sports and endurance watches.

We would love to see Apple’s approach to compiling all this data, but some third-party watch apps, like Training Time, provide you a visual score and signal displaying your readiness to train.

Apple Watch Ultra battery life

The largest battery for any Apple Watch is also housed inside that large casing. Even if you don’t like sports and outdoor functions, the size and battery life of this watch might make its almost $800 price tag acceptable.

Apple rates the Apple Watch Ultra battery at up to 36 hours of continuous use with a GPS workout, the always-on display activated, notifications, and time checks. Though we did manage 33 hours of runtime under heavy use—including a 2-hour trek, an always-on display, and sleep monitoring—we wasn’t quite able to meet that goal. Although you’ll get almost two full days out of the watch, it’s obvious that using the GPS and workout capabilities frequently will cause your battery to discharge more quickly.

The always-on display and blood oxygen readings are disabled in low-power mode. We got roughly 50 hours with low-power mode activated and comparable usage habits. Realistically, you won’t utilize low-power mode on a fully charged watch; instead, you’ll turn it on when you need it to extend the battery life, especially if you plan to take it on a weekend trip or wilderness expedition.

Apple estimates a total battery life of 12 hours when used offline and exclusively for GPS. We haven’t yet tested my own endurance batteries in these circumstances, but check back for the findings. In order to determine how LTE connectivity influences runtime, We’ll also test the battery life while disconnected from the phone.

Additionally supported is fast charging, which debuted on the Apple Watch Series 7. However, We never actually let the Ultra sink to 0% and always found that it was charged up within an hour. You can go from zero to full in about an hour and a half. The Ultra sports a lovely braided cable in place of a plastic case and shares the same USB-C magnetic charging puck as other, more recent Apple Watches. These quick charge speeds require a 20W charging brick, which is available for purchase separately.

By far and away, this is the best battery on any Apple Watch. But it doesn’t yet get close to the week — or weeks-long — battery life from other sports and endurance watches, even ones that have similar OLED screens like the Garmin Epix 2.

Who is the Apple Watch Ultra really for?

There are two groups of people, in our opinion, that will be interested in the Apple Watch Ultra. A larger, more durable Apple Watch with a battery that lasts twice as long as the other models is the first option. Additionally, a stainless steel 45mm Series 8 costs almost as much as the Ultra (in the US, at least), so we believe the Ultra is a superior overall option.

The other major market is certainly anyone who considers themselves an outdoor explorer or endurance athlete. Whether you’re a triathlete, marathon runner, or diver, Apple has done a terrific job of offering something for everyone. To find out if those dive features are genuinely useful, we’ll need to hold out till the Oceanic Plus app launches.

Is it worth it and is it the most exciting Apple watch in years ? 

The new Apple Watch Ultra is the most exciting Apple watch in years. It has a larger display, a thinner body, and new features that make it worth the upgrade. The highlight of this year’s Apple watch Ultra feature with Backtrack technology , which uses GPS to assist you in retracing your steps and finding your starting place, is also displayed on this screen. Other new features include crash detection, which can automatically call emergency services if you have an accident and don’t respond to a prompt; and notifications for low heart rate and irregular heartbeat. Also the new watch is the built-in ECG (electrocardiogram) feature that can detect heart problems. This makes the Apple Watch Ultra the most medically advanced smartwatch on the market. The Ultra also has a faster processor and better battery life than previous models. If you’re looking for the best smartwatch on the market, the Apple Watch Ultra is the one to get. 

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